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Stainless Steel Fasteners, Crinkle Washers and Precision Pressings

Our business has been established for over 50 years, specialising in non-corrosive Stainless Steel fasteners.

We have immediate access to the largest stock of Stainless Steel fasteners in Europe, with over 440,000 tonnes of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and other associated products.

Our customers cover all industries where environmental and corrosion resistance is of paramount importance. Food and chemical plant, marine, electronic equipment and structural plant are typical users. Any type of plated or galvanised steel fasteners are all, at some time, open to corrosion, and by using fasteners manufactured in either A2 or A4 grade stainless steel, replacement and expensive servicing costs can be greatly reduced.

We seek to supply anyone who requires Stainless Steel fasteners. Our stock range covers from the smallest to the largest for all types, in Metric and in American threads, and special products made to order.

Our range of fasteners
Stocked in Metric, American and Imperial threads (UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF and BA) Stainless Steel material A2(304) and A4(316)
Hexagon Bolts - DIN 931 Hexagon Screws - DIN 7976
Hexagon Set Screws - DIN 933 Pozi Pan - DIN 7981
Socket Cap Screws - DIN 912 Pozi Csk - DIN 7972
Socket Csk Screws - DIN 7991 Pozi Rsd Csk - DIN 7983
Socket Button Screws - ISO 7380 Slotted Csk Woodscrews - DIN 97
Socket Set Screws - DIN 913/914 Slotted Pan Woodscrews - DIN 96
Socket Set Screws - DIN 915/916 Slotted Raised Csk Woodscrews - DIN 95
Full Nuts - DIN 934 Slotted Pan Machine Screws - DIN 85
Lock/Half Nuts - DIN 439 Slotted Cheese Machine Screws - DIN 84
Nyloc Nuts - DIN 985 Slotted Csk Machine Screws - DIN 963
Wing Nuts - DIN 315 Slotted Rsd Csk Machine Screws - DIN 964
Aerotight Nuts Pozi Pan Machine Screws - DIN 7985
Dome Nuts - DIN 1587 Pozi Csk Machine Screws - DIN 965
Flats Washers - DIN 125 Pozi Rsd Csk Machine Screws - DIN 966
Flat Penny Washers Cup Square Carriage Bolts - DIN 603
Spring Coil Washers - DIN 127/7980 Hexagon Coach Screws - DIN 571
Tooth Washers - int/Ext - DIN 6798 Studding and Allthreads - DIN 975
Self-Tapping Screws (A/B & B): Cotter Pins, Spring & Dowel Pins
Slotted Pan - DIN 7971 Crinkle Washers - Beryllium Copper
Slotted Csk - DIN 7972 Crinkle Washers - Stainless Steel
Slotted Raised Csk - DIN 7973  
American Unified Products
Military Spec Products
Aerospace and Release Fasteners
Bar Turned products made to order and other specialised components

In addition to fasteners, we also provide marine and levelling equipment. Click for marine equipment Click for levelling equipment