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If your anchor gets caught in
someone else's chain, it
can easily be freed with
the aid of an anchor marker
buoy line.

"The CLAW" - anchor is
specifically engineered
as a universal anchor
and bites quickly and
digs deep into
almost any bottom.
10 reasons for the frequent occurrence of anchoring accidents
  1. Poor ability of the anchor to "dig in", improper anchor for the respective bottom.
  2. Thoughtlessly combined or improvised chain-to-anchor connectors, i.e. : shackles or chain emergency links.
  3. Undersized anchor gear for reasons of ingnoring important contributing handicap factors, i.e. displacment, type of vessel and wind resistance.
  4. Improvised modifications and repair of anchor gear (i.e. poor repair welding, home made repairs).
  5. Accidental unscrewing of connecting bolts.
  6. Worn out moving parts of anchors or connectors.
  7. Breaking of chain because of usage beyond the life expentancy and weakening due to rust, or crevice corrosion hidden by re-galvanising.
  8. Entanglement due to rough surface of corroded or re-galvanised chain.
  9. Dependence on only a single anchor.
  10. Saving money at the wrong point. The importance of the primary security role of groundtackle is frequently ignored or underestimated. This occurs sometimes with disastrous consequences, which are often irrepairable by any or all material means.
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