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We recommend solely AISI 316 Stainless Steel
We recommend solely AISI 316 Stainless Steel

Seawater presents a special challenge to all metals including stainless steel. It contains at least 50 known chemical substances as well as oxygen. There are biological and temperature factors all of which influence potential structural damage. AISI 316 alloys contain a minimum of 16.0% chromium, 10.5-14.0% nickel, 2.0-2.5% molybdenum and traces of manganese, silicone and sulphur which when in contact with oxygen form a hard invisible self renewing coating. This is known as passive coating that will shield the alloy from aggressive attack by most chemicals and seawater.

The more popular AISI 304/305 stainless steels contain no molybdenum and though suitable for many corrosion resistant applications, are not recommended for marine use.

Due to the aggressive nature of seawater and oxygen, electroplated (chromed) steel products are easily attacked especially if coating has been damaged.

The choice is up to you. How much do you value the safety and good appearance of your marine equipment? Make the right decision for your peace of mind: use AISI 316 stainless steel for all your marine hardware. We guarantee that all our stainless steel hardware is AISI 316 grade.

When it comes to anchors, sailors often use the anchor that comes with the boat, select an anchor based only on price, or recommended by a weekend sailor with limited exposure and experiences to a multitude of anchoring conditions. Anchor designs and procedures are often based on old habits that die hard.

This can sometimes have serious consequences considering that anchoring is one the most important and basic skills required for safe boating. The ground tackle used is the primary factor in ensuring safety. Since its invention by R. Kaczirek, 'The Claw' has proven itself to be the most effective universal anchor on the market. Within a few years it has ascended to be one of the most widely used anchors in Europe. This is notable since it concerns the most demanding yachting community within the whole spectrum of anchoring conditions. Major charter companies in Europe, the Caribbean and the Pacific are re-fitting their fleets with 'The Claw. Many circumnavigators and long distance sailors entrust their boats and their lives to this reliable piece of equipment. In stringent and comparative tests with other ground tackle "The Claw" has proved to be the superior anchor. Talk to a skipper who owns "The Claw" and listen to an unbiased testament.

WASI now offers exclusively a unique and complete anchoring system all made of AISI 316 stainless steel, consisting of:- "The Claw", Standard and full swivel Ball anchor to chain connectors and DIN 766 calibrated chain, in a variety of sizes for yachts up to 60 tons displacement.

This ultimate in concept may appear unaffordable at first glance but, over a period of five or more years it is more economical than galvanized ground tackle. The added security and peace of mind is priceless.

In addition, you never have to deal with the hassle of re-galvanising and unsightly high maintenance rust streaked decks and hulls. Electrolytic corrosion which runs rampant when dissimilar metals are immersed in seawater is totally eliminated, since all components are made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

An international contingent of long distance sailors and circumnavigators, which use, endorse and praise 'The Claw: Gudrun Colligaro, Yacht 'Mddchen", Wilfied Erdmann, Arved Fuchs, Burkhard Pieske, Gerd Engel, Dieter Brummer, Heide and Erich Wilts.