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11 important reasons to chose WASI GTS
  1. "The Claw" - anchor is specifically engineered as a universal anchor and bites quickly and digs deep into almost any bottom.
  2. Patented anchor-to-chain connectors are German Lloyd's certified with guaranteed higher tensile strength than the mated chain.
  3. Professional consultation by qualified WASI staff for proper matching of the entire GTS.
  4. Engineered security throughout the entire system. Each and every component is precision made from guaranteed AISI 316 Stainless Steel.
  5. Patented safety feature prevents accidental unscrewing of connecting bolts.
  6. No moving parts on "The CLAW". The full ball swivel connector "WASI POWER BALL" allows for needed moveability.
  7. Trouble-free security and longevity thanks to high quality AISI 316 Stainless Steel.
  8. Polished surface of Stainless Steel facilitates smooth running of chain.
  9. The ultimate in anchoring security: 2 x WASI GTS.
  10. WASI GTS is cost-efficient. When priceless security, peace of mind and longevity is taken into consideration it becomes self evident that the WASI GTS may well be the most economical safety factor on board.
  11. Maintenance free and eternally gleaming highest quality Stainless Steel will enhance the overall value of any vessel. The foredeck will be finally free of ruststreaks and there will be less cleaning up after raising because dirt, mud and sand does not adhere well to polished Stainless Steel.
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